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Verbal Agreement Not to Pay Child Support

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Verbal Agreement Not to Pay Child Support: Is It Binding?

Child support is a legal obligation a parent has to support their child financially. When parents separate or divorce, they may agree to waive or reduce child support payments. However, a verbal agreement to not pay child support is not enforceable in most cases.

In order for a child support agreement to be legally binding, it must be in writing and approved by a judge. The court`s primary concern is always the well-being of the child. Therefore, they will only approve an agreement that they deem to be in the child`s best interest.

Without a written agreement approved by the court, a parent is still legally obligated to pay child support. Failure to do so can result in penalties such as wage garnishment, driver`s license suspension, and even jail time.

Some parents may try to avoid paying child support by making a verbal agreement with the other parent. However, this is not a wise choice and can lead to serious consequences. If the parent who agreed not to pay child support changes their mind or decides to take legal action, the other parent will have no legal grounds to enforce the agreement.

In addition, agreeing not to pay child support can harm the child. Child support is an essential source of income for the parent who has custody of the child. It helps cover basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. If a parent does not receive child support, they may struggle to provide for the child adequately.

In conclusion, a verbal agreement not to pay child support is not binding. Parents need to have a written agreement approved by the court to avoid legal consequences. It is always in the child`s best interest to receive adequate support from both parents. If you are having difficulty paying child support, it is essential to speak with a family law attorney to determine your legal options.

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